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Johnathon Jackson has been working to save this city, literally, since birth.  He is a Finance Major who knows more about the crises we are in than any expert you talk to.  In 2012, the same balloon payments that bankrupted the middle class and stole their houses, is going to come due for Commercial Loans.  They cannot meet the balloon payments anymore than the housing community could.   Thousands of businesses are supposed to tank.  Johnathon is the man we are going to need to survive this -- Daley and his cronies will just figure out a way to make a few bucks off of this, or sell off the sidewalks to a private concern, or.... well, we all know how they operate.   I urge you to watch Operation Rainbow Push on Saturday mornings at 10am on their site, live, or on television.   Johnathon's astute lectures will convince you I am right.

For too long, the racists have hated the Jacksons', and many in the black community do not think they are radical enough... well, Johnathon is radical enough to make some serious changes.  The hundreds of children killed in our city every year -- more this year than the soldiers who died in Afganistan and Iraq combined, would have the Marines going door to door if this happened in a white hood.  I know only an afra-american mayor will take this as seriously as it should be.   The national guards should have been brought in, if for no other reason than to show the kids that their society cares.

So, please, sign the petition and help Chicago move away from the Machine.   AND add a message for Johnathon.  To learn about his astute mind and sweeping heart and fire, watch him at 10am central time on Rainbow Push.  They are on their website,  local tv channels, etc...  You will hear a professorial explanation of current history spoken in the words of a dynamic poet, and probably the best band in Chicago.  Going down to the actual event on 51st is like seeing Martin Luther King with a great soundtrack.   

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CHICAGO LOSES 5 million a year to corruption....

This from a study of local corruption by UIC's political science department. The belt strapping that I told you was going to finally force people to clean out politics is here, and paying a 500 million dollar a year price to keep Daly and his corrupt Machine in power is a luxury that we can no longer afford.

500 million. I guess he could give the cops their raise if he was not corrupt. Interesting Irony there.

Today, we are hearing that his nephew joins his son in being exposed as sleazily making his way through life with his criminal connections to the Machine. This time, the Daly faction took money out of retirement accounts and spent it wildly, losing millions... makes me think that 500 million figure is low balling -- especially when you consider the sale of the cities parking meters for a price that was much lower than it would have been if Daly insiders had not set themselves with a sweethear deal.


PEOPLE ARE BUYING THE PUBLIC'S PROPERTY, BUT DALY THINKS THAT IT IS HIS... The city has already been shown to be losing money on the deal with the parking meters -- they could have been sold for a lot more, but Daly wanted to keep the issue from being discussed by anyone before he shoved it down our throats. If he was serving the Public, he would have wanted a discussion of what he was doing, so he could get the best intelligence possible together to make a decision.

That kind of logical, round table logic bounces off dictators. Daly is as close to a king as this country has seen. Runs Chicago like a fiefdom. Since this is a Democratic terroritory in the states, his power base has proven vital in national politics. His power is our power, we think... if he is a little corrupt, oh well... he inherited that mess and had to deal with it best he could.

We forget that we pay for his standing army. Pay in getting officials in city positions that they are not qualified for. Pay in losing the representation that would be ours if the Alderman were not afraid to piss off Daly. We need a Mayor who you can hate or love without fear that you will not get what you want from the city unless you go along with da king.

As we continue our study of public corruption, we have discovered that our
original findings underestimated the level of corruption in recent years. We now know
that more than 1500 individuals have been convicted of myriad forms of public
corruption since 1970. Based upon the testimony before the Illinois Reform Commission
and our own research, we now believe that the cost of corruption, or “corruption tax,” for
the Chicago and Illinois taxpayer is at least $500 million a year. This is based upon
testimony before the commission that about 5% of state government contracts are given
out to political cronies and campaign contributors and on our own tallies of the costs of
the major scandals over the last four decades.
In our last report we provided a detailed analysis of the 30 aldermen and former
aldermen convicted of public corruption since 1970. In this report we describe some of
the major scandals of the last four decades, a timeline of more than 375 convicted
individuals at all levels of government, and a further analysis of some of the costs of
corruption which have caused us to revise our estimate of the corruption tax. The details
of these scandals and their costs are included in the appendices of this report.
Our research on all aspects of corruption is continuing. But we provide this
update to support the report of the Illinois Reform Commission and to contribute to the
ongoing debate in the state legislature. Only comprehensive reforms can lessen the level
of corruption in Chicago and Illinois, currently the capitals of corruption in the United
Given the high cost of corruption, we cannot hope to adopt a prudent city, county,
or state budget without reform. Otherwise we will continue to pay too much for
government services; we will keep honest businesses from locating here; and we will
slow economic recovery from the current recession. Citizens will continue to distrust
government at all levels and consider tax increases unfair.
Here are a few examples of some of the costs of co

Monday, June 1, 2009


THIS ENTRY WAS ORIGINALLY written for my Waking Up Jesus site, and is written in the character of the Christ.... http"//

I just discovered that someone took a post down from this blog. One that was critical of Mayor Daly. The first of two I wrote just before my computer mysteriously could no longer access my internet account. When I called to tell Comcast the problem, they snottily told me that the problem was with my computer, and not theirs. Nothing showed that to be true on my end. I was suspicious at the timing, since I have been knocked off line before by the government and the other forces that oppose me. After writing this critical article, I saw people protesting downtown that Daly needed to be removed, and the two newspapers in town started a clean government campaign.

I forget sometimes that my words are so potent. They make an enemy of me at their own peril. The Daly administration is now on my list of entractable powers that need to be kicked the hell out of politics.

I do not care how strong they think they are... a simple, unending litany of the sins of this administration should be enough to drive the king con out of power.

The audacity of these people is matched only by their short sightedness; this is a system of law we live in that despite its faults, is ever-evolving. And we are evolving toward fairness -- the more people who demand it, the sooner it happens. The inter-net generation is not going to fall for the usual scams, simply because they will access to a diverse set of opinions to take their own from.

And people will look for other people to treat them fairly, and will act adversly to those who do not. Daly has set about launching a hell of a lot of unfair agreements with developers and god knows who else -- the most recent being the selling off of the parking meters in Chicago to an inside group for a huge discount that would not have survived being played out in the free market. He hid what he was doing until the lastt minute, then shoved it through.

He needs secrecy to survive. He can blow off all the reporters he wants at press conferences, but he cannot so easily blow off the voters.

The Democrats have to be ready to replace him with someone who is nationally known, and respected. Jessie or Johnathon Jackson should take a stab at the fat round baffoon. Sooner or later, someone is going to knock him out of power.., and since he has decided to fight me, you should expect this to be sooner rather than later.

Cleaning up the world has been my concern. Now I AM ready to put a razor focus on this Criminal. He rose from a family that bestows rights without qualifications. Think about that. Chicago politics, for most of their existence, have been run by people who looked at their core constituents as people who they had bought with jobs. You do not necessarily get the best people when any chump off the street who likes to take the easy way out is hired. This is part of why they are always ending up in jail.

Daly wants to come on my site and take down my criticism of him, ... that is a drum roll from their side that we at war. WITH A HEAVY HEART, I HAVE GATHERED MY WEAPONS FOR WAR AND RODE OUT TO MEET THE ONE WHO OPPRESSORS MYPEOPLE.

I am always sad to see someone is my enemy, though I knew as much when he double dealed with the cops on their raise. Chicago cops have a hellish job at times. They have made a lot of mistakes, as humans do, but like soldiers, they deserve every forgiveness for cracking under the pressure of protecting the public -- that is a natural reaction to having to do shit people would otherwise prefer to avoid all to hell. I do not want to romanticize cops. TV does that enough. Still, they deserve some respect for putting their lives on the line to protect society from predators. I am not saying they should be let off for crimes -- indeed, they should prosecuted to the full extent off the law, because part of your oath as a cop is to the law. When they break the law, they are no longer a cop. They may have the badge, etc... but then they are just another enemy of the people. Like Burge.

Torture is in right now in the highest rooms of this country, and in a lot of countries getting beat up by the cops and tortured into a confession is routine. I can understand the impulse. I also know that I would never give in to it. I have left JOBS where they asked me tell lies -- because I will lie for my own purposes, like everyone does, but when I am asked to lie for someone else, I am entering a conspiracy to protect another from what is obviously going to be criminal behavior, and that is uncompatible with most of my ethics (God knows I break unfair laws, but stealing from people, etc... is beyond my moral understanding -- I could not live with myself when I am acting immoral. My depressive side takes over. This is why I gave up the drinking.).

I need people like cops more than I need a Daly. I have a vast capacity to rally people, unprecedented in human history... which is exactly what has been prepared for the RETURN OF CHRIST. Like the people who immediatly left office when I wrote a poem about how the mighty will fall before this Christ.... Daly would be better off planning on getting out at his next attempt at re-election, though I suspect he is like Cheney, and will defy the people's rights to a choice in what their politicians do until the very end... when he learns that the people usually get what they want in the end, simply because there are more of them and time and society tend to work like that, or there never would have been such a thing as Democracy, and the entire world would by now be run by one king, who if he were a Hitler, would gas his enemies. Or a Cheney, who would send out his hit squad.

Daly is the face on a vast conspiracy of crime that has invaded politics and found a welcome home in a club that only the vastly wealthy or influential can even enter. Politics in this city has become a means of passing along a corrupt dynasty. We should be better people than this... we can be. The choice truly is ours, not Daly's..

Bring it on Dick, I will defeat you and take your soul to Hell. Ready to take the great gamble?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Johnny Pain Mocks Again!!!!!!!!!!


This essay is seeking to show that a very real line can be shown between what is used in the comedy in a society, and that which is discussed. As was shown during the media alignment that sparked the Obama Shift.

A media is the most powerful tool presently in existence. More people can be manipulated at once than ever before. As mankind hurdles toward his inevitable end, there are a few concerns that most share. Pure common sense says that most people want to make a living... when making a living in comedy requires avoiding politics, the price is just too high. We can pretend that we are not doing something political, but that is like pretending an affair will not effect a marriage; our comedy is going to add or subtract from the problems of the world. There is a lot to criticize about the movies, especially. I hate the big blockbusters that suck up enough money to shoot

I saw a debate on the topic of whether or not good comedy needed to be a political weapon. Almost twenty years ago, when I was studying Improv. There were quite a few famous people there from the Annoyance Theater, Second City, Saturday Night Live, etc... legends in the comedy business. I was there as a student of David Sheperd, who looked at improv as the ultimate weapon of the working man, a way to subvert the easily digested myths in the newspapers and confront people with what we are, and can be.... etc....

I found this debate to be more interesting as time passed. John Stewart notably went out to fight the good fight on his show, but a lot of politics has been played down by comedians. They were naturally worried about how to succeed in their career, and being didactic, supporting one side or the other, alienates fans. It is easy for me to sit here in Chicago and say that I never sold out. My stories though, are often less focused unraveling the news of the day, than mapping out my own unconscious mind.

I used to be wrapped up in what philosophy I should espouse, to give a nice, cohesive paradigm for readers to make sense of my work with. I then realized, in college, that a writer's mentality itself was the source of his paradigm... and reading a few of someone's books will tell you where they are coming from. If they want that there. My politics are on my face, in my rages and loves, and in my stories. I cringe a little when I think about the kind of writer that I must conjour up in people's minds when they think of me.

The characters I have played in this grand charade are shadowy reflections of my beastly and saintly impulses. I have pissed off so many people. I am proud to have flashed a big fuck you in the face of the pompous, criminal and conservative. This is my comedy at it's base... taunting the powers that b., yelling at the king that he ain't such a big shit after-all.

All this said, back to comedy... I want to write more, but my mindset is just so damn serious all the time that I barely let my hair down, so to speak. I am not saying that the seriousness of the times requires people to just fucking stop laughing. Comedy sometimes, to me, is doing enough just to make me laugh. In the end, I like comedy best when it makes me laugh and think. I prefer to let people know what I think at this point in my life, since I have a lot of people who show almost too much interest in what I write.

If I did not believe that you are there
If I did not believe the world still awaits the words of change
If I did not believe the battle has just begun

I would be able to easily throw myself into silly comedy
make em laugh until the cough up blood....

Sunday, October 26, 2008


i HAVE FINALLY got the the rhythm of the books finally ready to spend today working on One War and psycho killer. The Collection of my work.

I have been waiting for inspiration, which is a flaw I heard about the writer of Winesburg Ohio, which really is true to his inspirational moments. Bukowski drank for this, RImbaud started swilling wine at 12 after trying to join the french revolution, and getting raped all night by drunken soldiers. His perfect little life of a great education, riches and genius effected his entire life. I wrote a p0or manuscript about the poet appearing between classes.

I have been taking little battle naps on the couch. Getting up and writing and painting whenever I can. I have the life artists kind of dream of. I do nothing but art, but I got this way by having seven back surgeries' I am either in pain .

I cannot wait to start editing the footage. The dog raising the Kitten is cute as hell. I am writing a Johnny Pain script where he once more tries to teach Ruby, the loving husky to kill. I set it up like she is going to eat husky,

We took a lot of monster footage at the party and will go down to Halsted in Bous lost soo . ON Halloween, in boys town, the gayest distinct in the city, has a parade and dress up all.... we are going to film that too.

Among the projects I want to do is a site based on the different Chicago neighborhoods, and their bands, painters and poets regular folk, who are often the most trued hearted poets.

November fifth will be a big day. I am filming a band and a spoken word poetry --me amd a woman called cookie who also teacher of yoga and belly dancing; I am going to teach the elderly folk at the Peer House. I am doing it for free, because b they will the search options, and.... well, I am still putting together the class. If you have any suggestions I can use. I wrote how my family history of these monks and kings and arthur's round table. If the Hapsburgs has not changed their name to English and taken over... They only told me this when I was 30 something. I see my genes in the way that I always ready to fight for justice. Tonighton the train it was totaly filled. One guy, black and in his thirties, had his bag on a seat. I could see he was scaring everyone so I went up tpo him. Pointed at the bag and said I was going to sit there. He made no move to take his back pack off the seat, so I picked it up and tossed it is his lap. He got so so pissed, but he was was a bitch and I would have slapped him silly if he meade a fuss and I wanted him to. He barely moved to give me room, so I did the same to him, keeping my elbow in his ribs.... M. moved to the other side of the train, thinking there was going to be a a fight.

Man, I have confronted so many gang bangers in my life. Once some kids knocked me off my bike with a pipe and I kicked their ass something good, and tortured one until he told me where they stashed my back by practically braking his arm. I also made mim find a lens he knocked off, pushing him down on his knees. I had already kicked the others ass easily so they stood back///

Then walked up a tattooed, prison seasoned gang banger who was packing. he told the kids to give me back MY bike; they did, and I left. The tough guy stopped a few blocks away and sat there feeling the serotonin and my hatred for violence and I started crying. An officer stopped

votes FOLKS... get Sen. Barrack Obama into the white house. I will never believe tha the Republicans did not steal this election. I will instigate all who follow me to hot the streets to take this country back. This will be Gore times One Million. We will fight them in the courts, the streets, the churches, the unions, and world wide (where Obama is wildly popular as a symbol of the States finally trying to get over the biggest mistake this experiment ever made -- slavery. As you might know, Thomas Paine is my hero. He lent his poetic and propaganda to get the revolution started, but when they went with Slavery, he turned against Washington, making hims suddenly upopulare). He died a drunken, broke man... at his funeral, only two unidentified black men were the only ones to attend. I feel like I was him in another life. Certainly I will not lend my literary talent to attack any religion, merely issues that are brought up by those religions.

Like Hitchens, I fear the Taliban could destroy life as we know it. Women's hard f0ought fight for independence, the gay movements, the artists movements, philosophical and scientific. The Muslim people are known are the last people who would destroy history. They damned well invented science, and math, and etc...

I want you to know, once again, that I am attacking the lack of liberty in your press. I write a blog called that explains how my philosophy, military intelligence, classes on cults and brain washing and History all come together when Christ returns. He is is disgusted with Machiavellian politics, neo cons pot laws, and the religions that turn people away from salvation based on homophobia, drug use, etc...

No one is beyond salvation. I learned this in AA when I quit drinking after trying and trying and failing and ending up in hospitals... Talking out all my problems with my peers for almost twenty years taught me as much as the cab and school and mother and dad and teachers and lovers past and present...

I also got a commissioned painting set up a the party. The mom was at the party, and she was very cute in a lady bug costume.

M. looked really hot too. I got her tjos sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssrrrrr9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Velvet Room

I have been so obsessed with my enraged side after reading about the upcoming election, that I have failed to write some of the positive side of the Chicago.

Last weekend we went to the near south side, to the Velvet Room; our purpose was to film a belly dancer for our show, but the evening turned into a lot more. The band was transcendent. Jazz played light and smooth, with a lot of different types of drumming, saxes, guitars... They call themselves The Magic Carpet Ride, and you understand when you hear how far from the world they take your mind.

We met a woman down there named Cookie, who lived in LA for years and worked on some cbs shows. She also teaches yoga and belly dancing and acting. Very hot, late fifties maybe early sixties black woman with the body of a dancer. We agreed that I would come down to her show on November fifth and video tape the show, as well as read one of my poems for the show. We will probably highlight the best few minutes for most, and then offer the entire cd for the very interested.

So, there is your chance to kill me. The velvet lounge, somewhere along the lines of 700 east 22nd, just down from China Town.

No, it should be fun. At the last show, they had free ethiopian food of all varaities.

I should also add that the atmosphere, from shaking the hand of the elderly jazz man who runs to club, to chatting to the musicians about how much talent was going to waste in Chicago, to meeting Cookie (who took us in as family).... this is a real jazz club in the old tradition.

What else? Well, I have been slowly working on my books. Google has put up the first twenty pages of One War, which is cool, since it is basically finished, though I did add a better addition tonight of One War. The tough part is the religious psycho killers shit list, which has an addition five hundred and some pages. The collection is basically done....

Oh, well... please keep trying to fuck with the shit heads, and nurture the seeds that you know are sane enough to sprout something worthy of the SON.

Friday, October 17, 2008

the bravest folk in the world; the greatest journalism you will read this year...

I took this blog post from an excellent site, which has independent chinese bloggers writing. You will be so blown away by what these guys went through to get these stories -- they were beaten, and still refused to leave a secret prison where petitioners were being kept. They kept going back until they got her out. If this story does not inspire you to hit the streets and take some of the wealth back from the elite, as well as our shrinking human rights, then you are an enemy to my way of thinking (passively letting the black helicopters take your neighbors away is the american way... look at how we ignored what the Nazi's were doing to the jews... and remember they were being persecuted here quite a bit as well at the time; our high moral stance about helping the Jews is deserved, but came way too late.

I was encouraged to hear Obama say that he at least wants to send some troops into Darfur, even if we stretched too thin by the Iraq war.

China: Co-operation 2.0 on Beijing’s Black Jails
A small portrait of the translator
Friday, October 17th, 2008 @ 10:38 UTC
by Meng Zhang
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Freedom of Speech, Governance, Human Rights, Law, Media
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In cooperation with citizen reporter Zhou Shuguang (Zola) and other two journalists Chen Er (Doubleaf) and Guo Jiannong, Xu Zhiyong, who firstly blogged Beijing’s black jails in the end of September, went to visit one of the unlawful prisons again on Monday, attacked by a group of thugs who were allegedly hired by the authorities.
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With the abolition of custody and repatriation (C&R) system in 2003, it seems the Chinese petitioners no longer have to worry about being detained as illegal residents when they leave for a strange city to petition a higher governmental institution. However, according to blogger Xu Zhiyong, a young professor of law and strong advocate for human rights, those supplicants are actually still being intercepted by the local officials from the way to the State Bureau for Letters and Calls, the Supreme People’s Court or other departments, and forcedly taken to some makeshift house of detention, being lock up without any legal process. As the places which confined the petitioners are always hidden among the ordinary buildings, people call them “Black Jails”.

In cooperation with citizen reporter Zhou Shuguang (Zola) and other two journalists Chen Er (Doubleaf) and Guo Jiannong, Xu Zhiyong, who firstly blogged Beijing’s black jails in the end of September, went to visit one of the unlawful prisons again on Monday, attacked by a group of thugs who were allegedly hired by the authorities.

Xu introduced the background of the operation in his blog:



Yesterday I received an SMS, “This is Henan’s Ma Xirong, being confined with more than twenty people in the black jail behind the Youth Hotel on the Beijing Hufang road. Can you save us? Emergency!”. Because I was at class and tied up with my work at that moment, I promised to go there today. After the last SMS contact at about 11:00 am, making sure Ma was still there, I decided to start off at 4:00 pm.
I arranged with Zhou Shuguang and his two journalist friends to meet at the Youth Hotel. Three of us reached the door of black jail at 4:15 pm, leaving Zhou to shoot videos from a safe distance. Ma Xirong came to the window and asked to let her out, but the guard rejected her request while calling the Beijing Office of Henan Province. So she talked with us through the window, saying that she was questioned by the police while walking in Wangfujing Street. After finding her petition materials, the police arrested her and then locked her up in this place. When more and more petitioners assembled at the window, Ma Xirong was forced into the inner room by the guard and I could still hear she shouted, “I am a citizen. Who are you to stop me here?”

Doubleaf, a well-known blogger in China, from his unique angle promptly blogged the situation at that time :


Xu Zhiyong and Guo Jianlong at the gate of black jail


The alley where the black jail is located










The black jail is actually a hostel named “Cozy Youth Hotel”, west to the Temple of Heaven, in a small alley on Taiping Street near Taoranting Park, where very few people pass by. The path fully covered by fallen leaves is so narrow that only one car can fit in. Looked from the outside, this dilapidated building has nothing to relate to the black jails, although more than 20 petitioners, all from Henan, are illegally imprisoned here. In fact, the hostel is rented by the Office for Letters and Calls of Henan Province, used especially to lock up the petitioners.
At the door of black jail, Guo Jianlong and Xu Zhiyong were responsible for communicating to the people inside while I was watching the outside circumstances. After a lengthy dispute, the person we wanted to meet finally came out, briefly talking with us behind a closed security door. The one we tried to save was a woman in her fifties, who was allegedly detained before getting a chance to petition.
Subsequently, an interception officer who pretended as a petitioner’s relative came to knock at the black jail’s door, but the guard inside didn’t let him in immediately because of our visit. We talked with him for a while, learning some information.
The man didn’t get in until 20 minutes later. Then we again had a short conversation with the person we wanted. I heard she was incessantly saying, “We are just talking”, which was assumed that someone inside was attempting to stop our dialog.
In the meantime, 3 or 4 strappers stared at us from the corner and the other side of the alley. Xu Zhiyong indicated they were the black jail’s thugs, one of which even passed us with a kid in his arms. According to Zola, that man had planned “holding the kid to kick them”. After that, we had a word with another female petitioner who professed to come here of “her own volition” through the window.
About one hour later, nearly 5:20 pm, a mini-bus with the license of “京 MG8490” drove into the alley, from which got off 3 or 4 big men. They abusively seized Guo Jianlong, asking why he was there. “To receive someone,” Guo replied. “Whom?! Whom?!” one of them impatiently shouted. Without surplus words, the big men started hitting us. We hastened to ask Zola staying tens of meters out run away. At the time, the thugs who watched us from the beginning came up one by one, about 6 or 7 in all. A fat guy of Beijing accent beat Xu Zhiyong the most brutally, while swearing, “You are the f*** lawyer, right?!” Maybe because it’s mainly Guo Jianlong and Xu Zhiyong that negotiated with them just now and I almost kept silent, they didn’t punch me. Even though, I was still a little scared. Without running off or fighting back, I acted as a shameful onlooker. I even got no courage to yell “stoppage”.
“Go to the police station. It’s very close,” those thugs provocatively said, while hitting and cursing. About 5 minutes later, they stopped, but we didn’t leave. “He is one of them,” one of the thugs pointed at me, though no one lifted hands against my face.
During the entire process, Xu Zhiyong and Guo Jianlong didn’t strike back in any way.
Around 17:45, the woman we expected finally came out of the jail, accompanied with the officer from the Office for Letters and Calls of her hometown. So Xu Yongzhi, Guo Jianlong and I quickly moved out of the alley. As we arrived at the corner, another brutal thug rushed into the way, threatening to bump Xu to death by car. Since Xu continued standing on the way, I hurried to draw him aside, saying, “The person has been saved. Let’s get out of here.” Xu Zhiyong then said to the thugs: “We will be back. “

Zola gave an outline of the whole thing and had more materials in his blog:



At noon of October 13,I published information in twitter, seeking for people who wanted to go to the black jail together. Doubleaf was on vacation and Guo Jianlong working at the Economy Report of 21 Century was also free, so we decided to meet before Youth Hotel at 4:00 pm. The plan was I watched and recorded at the intersection while the other three men went to the door to ask for the petitioner.
The following map shows our positions that I watch A where the other three men negotiate with the guards to ask for the petitioner from B where the gate of Beijing No. 62 High School is located.

从 可以看到我的零碎记录,我们约是四点半开始,五点半结束。一个小时里,黑监狱的看守没有采取行动,到五点二十左右,京M G8790 的小面包车进来,下来四五个人,开始打人。打人的录音在这里,是郭建龙和许志永以挨打为代价换来的现场录音。欢迎下载收听.

You may check my short records from We started at about 4:00 pm and finished at 5:30 pm. During the one-hour operation, the guards of the black jail didn’t take action until about 5:20 pm. Four or three men jumped out of a mini-bus with a number of “京MG8790”, and began to attack us. Here is the audio record which is at the great expense of Guo Jianlong and Xu Zhiyong. Welcome to download.


The following shot was taken when the conflict occurred. I only got a video for seconds in the distance, so it’s not clear enough.


The following picture was taken as we just reached the black jail. Guo Jianlong and Chen Er are talking on cell phones while Xu Zhiyong is knocking at the door.


This is my self-shot. To my west is the gate of No. 62 High School, the north is Xu Zhiyong group, the east is the side door of the Youth Hotel, where several thugs are gathered, and to my south also stands two men, who are unidentified.


The following picture was taken from the east. The three men are thugs, one of which holds a kid. I didn’t catch the most brutal men who rode bike to buy bears and then got drunk. He ripped off a button from Xu Yongzhi’s shirt while throttled Xu’s neck.


In the following picture, the black jacket says to the brown jacket, “Go and kick their ass.”

下面是10月5号去黑监狱的照片,从这次打人来看,后面的京M G8790 是黑监狱的车.

The following picture was taken during the visit to black jail on October 5. According to the conflict this time, the car of “京 MG8970” behind must belong to the black jail.

Besides the four men’s admirable courage and omni-directional blogging afterwards, another stunning knockout of the black jail operation is Doubleaf and Zola’s live report on the event by Twitter, which, as Isaac Mao commented, “has showed the social media’s potential routes of transmission and power.”
Posted by Meng Zhang
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No Responses to
“China: Co-operation 2.0 on Beijing’s Black Jails”

October 17th, 2008 at 17:58 pm
John Scott Ridgway:

Your comment is awaiting moderation: Please be patient, we moderate all comments by hand, so it may take some time.

I am honored to contact such courageous souls. You are very inspiriting. To be actually attacked by thugs, and continue your journalistic work makes me proud to be alive. Your inspiration is sorely needed here in the States, where our government’s passively ignoring the needs of the poor and disenfranchised and the veterans, while catering to the greed of the top few percent who hold 90 percent of The United States wealth, has driven us to the brink of falling apart. Americans have for way too long looked to China as an enemy, rather than an inspiration. I find much of your government to be the most logical form of government, and with youth like you I am sure your problems with human rights will be worked out.

If I can ever be assistance to any of you, I am a blogger, novelist, tv writer and a film-maker, as well as a radio show host… and a military intelligence major from a famous military family; the history of my families heriocs are recorded back to the early three hundreds… I am sure that one day, your ancestors, will look on all of you with the same pride I do my own; this is one writer who will never forget the lesson of this entry.

I am placing it on my well read blogs, along with an address to this site.

Thank you again; God bless.

John Scott Ridgway


We live in the proud traditions of our forefathers, yet must bring the new knowledge of the sciences to the ruling classes, whereever they are.